About Kirsten

After college I learned a simple yet important life lesson that formed me into who I am today: Listen to your true desires and take action on them.


I graduated from Montclair State University with an Elementary Education degree. However, I knew deep inside, working in this field was not for me. I felt my life's purpose was to nurture others in an alternative way as a holistic healer. 

Knowing to help others effectively I would have to address all aspects of a person: mind, body and spirit.

  • I received my Master/Teacher Usui Reiki attunement through Lory Sison-Coppola at the Huna Healing Center. 

  • I pursued my massage education at the Cortiva Massage Institute. I am currently NJ state licensed and insured by the American Massage Therapy Association.

  • I studied at the Tibetan Singing Bowls School with Diane Mandle and Richard Rudis in Encinitas, CA.

  • I am certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET, with a deep connection with angels.


In constant search of learning, I am currently enrolled in the Shaman Medicine Program and am looking to expand into more healing practices for both humans and animals within my business. Healing the world one spirit at a time!